Would you like to raise awareness for your goal or mission?
Do you desire to build a relationship with your donors?
Did you know that cruise lines will donate $25 to $100 per stateroom for qualifying nonprofit organizations?

Achieve all that – and much more – for your organization by allowing Company Incentive Travel to organize and plan your next Fund-Raising Event. Whatever your cause, we can make your event fun and successful!

Depending on the number of staterooms booked, you may receive one or more free complimentary staterooms that can be:

  • Raffled off to raise more money.
  • Given to a dedicated volunteer for their hard work.
  • Used for complimentary accommodations for a special guest.

At Company Incentive Travel we will work with your group to help plan, organize, and sell your charity cruise event.

With Company Incentive Travel’s help you can reserve space for your target cruise up to 30 days so you can gauge interest before committing. Once signed up, Company Incentive Travel even can provide a range of promotional materials to help with publicity and sales.

Customize your cruise with:

  • A group dinner
  • Group shore excursions
  • A silent auction
  • Thank-you cocktail partyv
  • Group entertainment
  • Nighttime activities
  • Spa services
  • Interactive events

And much more!

If a group cruise for your fundraiser is not for you, we can use our incentive program to help raise money for your organization by offering a cruise as a prize for a raffle at your land-based event.

As your Fund-Raising travel planner, Company Incentive Travel will help you put together a program based on your organization’s needs and goals. Let Company Incentive Travel help you create an incredible program!

Let’s get started now!

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